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Ocean Coho Showing Up In Marine Area 9 & 10

Coho fishing has picked upquite well over the past few days. We have been seeing some good results from our customers fishing both Marine Area 9 and 10. This fishing should only get better over the next few weeks.


Remember that Marine Area 9 is a selective fishery in which only "Hatchery" coho with a missing adipose fin can be retained and "All" wild coho must be released and has a two fish limit. This fishery will run through September and will then close.


Marine Area 10 is "Not" a selective fishey and both hatchery and wild coho may be retained and has a two fish limit. This fishery wil run through Novermber 15th and will then close.


With a preseason estimate of around 500 thousand coho expected back to Puget should we should see some fairly good fishing throughout Sepetember.

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