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Occupy Skagit - March 29th 2014

March 29th will mark Occupy Skagit at Howard Miller Steelhead Park between 9:00 - 11:00a.m. .  This is a movement to try and reopen a portion of the Skagit and Sauk Rivers to catch and release steelhead fishing that we once had in the past. It is their oppinion that the river could once again support a catch and release season at the present time.


After reviewing the evidence, it is our belief that a well managed, catch and release season on the Skagit / Sauk Rivers would not be inconsistance with the recovery of its wild winter steelhead.


Occupy Skagit is a celebration to show your support for the restoration of the spring catch and release season on the Skagit.  During the "Wade In" period some of us will cast hook - less lures to mimic fishing in rememberance of foregone opportunities.


We would also like to compile a list of supporters to take with us the following week to the WDFW Commissioner's meeting.


Please join us and show your support and desire to revive our catch and release season on the Skagit.



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