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No Change To Pathetic Steelheading

We have not seen any changes to our steelheading on our local rivers. We are still saddled with hatchery fish closures on the Snohomish, Stillaguamish and Nooksack systems. Returns of steelhead to the systems hatcheries have not improved to any extent. Here's what they have at the respective hatcheries.


Kendall Creek (Nooksack) 5 as of 12/30/2019

White Horse (NF Stillaguamish) 12 as of 1/01/2020

Tokul Creek (Snoqualmie) 18 as of 12/31/2019

Wallace River 3 as of 12/27/2019

Reither Pond (Skykomish) 4 as of 12/31/2019


Things are looking quite bleak to say the least. If the hatchery returns are this poor I really wouldn't expect our wild fish to return in any better percentages. I think we are in big trouble!


Most of the other reports that we are getting from other areas of the state haven't been exceptional by any means, though some are putting out at least a few fish. But not at the levels that we normally would be expecting.


Hopefully, we get at least enough fish back to our hatcheries to be able to at least maintain our hatchery needs this month.

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