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New Seaguar Sts Fluorocarbon Leader Material For Salmon, Trout And Steelhead

We have just received our first shipment of the "New" Seaguar STS Flourocarbon Leader Material. Here's a little rundown on the qualities of this new products


STS stands for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead and is the first species-specific flourocarbon leader material targeting those species.


STS was developed for two primary applications where strength and abrasion resistance are paramount: trolling, whether on big open water of the Pacific Northwest or clear water in the Great Lakes, and river fishing where rocks and structure play havoc on line.


STS is 100% Flourocarbon leader material that delivers incredible abrasion resistance and maximum impact and knot strength, all with a smaller line diameter than monofiliment.


It is a fast sinking line that gets you in the "strike zone" quicker - and with a lower refractive index than monofiliment line, it is significantly less visible underwater.


STS Leader features Seaguar's exclusive Level Wind Technology", which spools the line by laying it down side by side, never crossing itself. The result is a spool as smoth as a spool of thread, without any line overstress or twist.


STS comes on 100-yard spools in just the right pound test sizes:

     Salmon Leader Material is available in 20 to 50 lb test

    Trout and Steelhead Leader Material in 4 to 17 lb test


This leader material is also quite reasonablly prices at $11.99 to $24.99 for a 100 yard spool.


Stop by and take a look at the new Seaguar STS Leader Material.

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