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"new" Baby Simon Spoons

Dave Hawken just dropped off the first of the "Baby Simon" spoons. The larger Simon's have been a mainstay in the Columbia salmon fishery for years. Dave wanted to come out with a smaller version for the pink and silver salmon fisheries here in Puget Sound. Not only will these spoons be good on the salmon but hold great potential for trout and kokanee. The spoon is a smaller profile with a 1 inch overall length and 1/2 inch wide. The spoon has welded rings for durability and comes rigged with a Gamakatsu hook. At the present time we have 15 colors in this new spoon. Cerise 50/50 Gold/Nickel Glow Rainbow Pearl w/Tiger Flame Tiger Cerise Tiger Flame Chartreuse Tiger Chartreuse Green Chartreuse Flame 50/50 Flame/Brass Flame Butt Pink But Chartreuse Butt Pink Stripe 3 Dot Cerise Foil Stop by and take a look. We will have them on line in a short while.
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