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Neah Bay (marine Area 4) Opens Saturday, June 24th

I spoke with a couple of the commercial trollers that I know working out of Neah Bay to try and get an idea of what one might expect on the opener. Both of the guys I spoke with said that the fishing overall since their opener had been a little on the spotty side with it taking 4 - 5 days of fishing to get their weekly trip limit of 60 king salmon. Wouldn't say that was good fishing by commercial standards by any means. Most of the fish they have been landing have been in the low to mid teens with an occasional king in the 20's and once in a great while a 30.


The greatest number of fish have been coming out of the 60 fathom water (360) feet and for the most part right on the deck. Though one said he got into a really good mid water bite on Wednesday and Thursday but still on the 60 line.


The Prairie Area has been the most productive area they have found. I was not able to get ahold of some of the smaller boats that generally fish the beach areas so I have no idea if there are good numbers of fish on the popular shoreline areas.


I will post some additional information once it comes in over the weekend.

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