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Mays Here! Lots Of Fishing Choices

May is without a doubt the turning point of many of our Northwest fisheries. Not only has the weather improved, but there are a mulitude of different fisheries that one can participate in. Here's a little run down of some of them.


Ling Cod opens up May 1st and runs thru June 15th in Puget Sound, Straits and San Juans. You have a 26 - 36 inch size restriction with a single fish per day limit. This is one of our most popular local fisheries.


Halibut opens on May 2nd in Marine Areas 5,6,7,8,9, and 10. We have a quota of 77,550 pounda alloted this season. We have additional days to fish on May 4,9,11,18, 24,& 26 in June we have 6,8,20 & 22. The limit is one der day with no size restriction and an annual limit of 4 fish.


Spot Shrimp opens on May 11th this season. Make sure to read your regulations as there have been a number of changes this year, especially in the San Juans and Straits.


Spring Chinook opens on a section of the Skagit River from the Memorial Highway Bridge in Mount Vernon up to Gilligan Creek. This is the first time in amlost 30 years that it is open. We have a two fish limit per day and they must be hatchery fish. The river is a bit high at present but we should still see some good opportunities.

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