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May Is Here!

Just what do you want to do fishing wise? We have so many things going on that it's hard to figure out just what to do this month. Here's a list of just a few things you can do.

Ling Cod fishing here in Puget Sound, San Juans & Straits of Juan de Fuca

Shrimping in Puget Sound, San Juans & Straits of Juan de Fuca

Halibut Fishing in Puget Sound, San Juans and the Straits of Juan De Fuca

Razor Clam digging on the Washington Coast

Spring Chinook fishing at Drano Lake and White Salmon

Shad fishing at Bonneville coming up at the end of the month

Crawfishing in the freshwater

Lots of Great Kokanee fishing

King Salmon Fishing at Neah Bay (At least a few days)

Ocean Halibut fishing

Lots of good trout fishing in the lakes

First of the summer run steelhead showing up in SW Washington rivers


This is just a few of the things that one can be doing this month. It will hard to find any time to work this month.

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