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Marine Area9 Chinook Quota Reaching Limits

If I had to guess, I think we will get to fish though this weekend for Chinook in Marine Area 9 before we reach our Chinook guideline of 5,599. As of the 23rd according to WDFW we had havested 3,435. If we do make it though the weekend I would seriously doubt that we would make it to the following weekend. When we do reach our quota then it would be time to head south and fish Marine Area 10 as WDFW has increased the Chinook limit to two (effective Saturday 29th, July) and as of the 23rd had only caught 227 of the 2,166 quota. Though generally the fish historically do not bite as well once they migrate into this area.


Another choice is to fish the "Bubble". It has been exceptionally productive this season.


Get put and fish before we reach the closures!

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