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Marine Area 9 - Admiralty Inlet To Open Thursday January 16th

Perhaps the single most popular salmon fishing area in the inland waters will reopen to salmon angling this Thursday, January 16th. This area includes the popular areas of Possession Point, Point No Point and Mid Channel Bank. We expect to see some fairly good fishing opprutunities coming out of this popular spot. The catch limit will be a two fish limit with chinook having a 22" minimum size restriction and must be of hatchery origin with a missing adipose fin. (Wild Chinook Must Be Released) There is no size restriction on ather salmon species.


Though open for all salmon species it is basically a Chinook (Blackmouth) fishery at the present time with a handful of small (12 - 14 inch) resident Coho.  Chinook will vary greatly, with a large number of sub legal fish and good numbers of fish from legal to 12 -13 pounds with an odd fish in the upper teens and a rare fish pushing the 20+ pound mark.


Make sure that you fish very close to the bottom in 90 - 180 feet of water. As I was told many years ago by an eldery Puget Sound fisherman that had fished blackmouth all his life that to be successful you need to fish two feet below the mud! I have to cuncur that fishing close to the bottom will increase your productivity.


This area will remain open through the 15th of April.  In the last couple weeks of the season there is a chance that we might be seeing a few early returning adult fish.

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