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Marine Area 9 - Admiralty Inlet Opens For Salmon Saturday January 16th, 2016

Salmon fishermen have been looking forward to this opener after the WDFW closure of our November fishery due to the large number of immature wild Chinook that were in the area. These impacts on these wild Chinook being the driver for closures of our fisheries. Hopefully, the greatest number of these fish have left our area as not to eat up our impacts causing an early closure of our fishing. Our fishery is to open tomorrow and run through April 15th. The limit is two salmon with Chinook having to be a minimum of 22 inches and all WILD Chinook must be released.


Tides look good for tomorrows opener. A good incoming tide for the first thing in the morning. Not a bad tide for fishing Pilot Point, Tin Shed or Possession Bar. A little stronger out going tide after the high than I normally like but still fishable. Will be a good outgoing tide later in the morning though the afternoon giving those mooching Point No Point a good opportunity. Likewise those wanting to make the run up to Port Townsend should find the outgoing tides good for fishing Mid - Channel Bank.

Morning Low Tide - 2:57AM - 2.5

Morning High Tide - 9:37AM - 12.7

Afternoon Low Tide - 4:23 - 2.7

Evening High Tide - 10:22 - 8.6


If you have any questions feel free to stop by. We have lots of Green Package Herring in stock as well as Yellow for those wanting baits to fit heads. We'll be glad to help you in any way we can.


Good Luck!



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