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Marine Area 10 Provides C & R Salmon Fishing Opprutunity

The upper portion of Marine Area 10 opens today for a catch and release fishing opportunity for salmon. The area from Point Monroe to Meadow Point northward to the Marine Area 9/10 line will provide some fine slamon fishing for adult kings, feeder blackmouth and resident coho during the month of June for those who do not mind releasing their catch. This fishery provides some very stress free salmon fishing, as there is almost no angling pressure during this C & R season. It seams as if most anglers have no desire to fish if they are unable to retain not a single fish. There are a number of good spots to focus your attention in this area with the Jefferson Head/President Point section being the most notable. However, do not pass up the section from Apple Tree Point south to Kingston as well as the Edwards Point and Point Wells area. There are good numbers of resident coho in the area that make for great fun on light gear. Though not large with most in the 14 -17 inch range these fish can generally be found on the surface at first light and can be taken on a variety of small spoons. A light trout rod is just right for these feisty coho and will make for lots of fun. A number 2 Dick Nite spoon in chrome or 50/50 Brass/Nickel combination with a 1/2 to 1 ounce spin sinker with a 5 to 6 foot leader is a good start. Though there are not a great number of returning king salmon at the present time there are enough to keep ones interest up. These fish can be caught trolling off your downriggers, mooched with plug cut or whole herring or jigged with lead minnows such as Point Wilson Darts, Dungeness Stingers, Crippled Herring or Megabaits.
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