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March 1st Seep Lakes Opener In Eastern Washington

March 1st marks the opening of a number of seep lakes in Eastern Washington, giving those who have a little cabin fever to get out and do a little trout fishing. 

Chad Jackson, one of our WDFW biologists at the Euphrata office was kind enough to give me a little heads up on what anglers might expect.

He said the March 1st opener should be good, providing the weather does't hamper things. This cold spell could set thing back and we could have ice once again. 

Lenice and Nunnally should see their normal good fishing with double digit catch rates of fish in the 14 - 16 inch range with a few larger on these selective fishery lakes. As always these are a favorite of the fly fishing community and should see a fair amount of pressure.

Lenore will be slow on the opener, but will pick up later in March and into April as water temperatures climb. This is also a selective fishing water with anglers targeting the Lahonton Cutthroat than can be measured in pounds rather than inches. Very popular lake for those that wanting something a little different than the run of the mill rainbows.

Dusty will also be a little slower on the opener as it sets in a deep hole and takes longer to warm up.

Upper Caliche and Martha will be the norm with good catch rates with fish in the 11 - 13 inch range.

Quincy should be good as well with better chances of carryovers in the upper teen range.

Burke is more than likley not going to produce well  as perch have been illegally introduced and are messing up the trout fishery. So, expect low catch rates unless you are wanting to catch a mess of 7 - 9 inch perch.


Thanks Chad for the update!


As always make sure to read your WDFW regulation phamplet before venturing on your outing to make sure you are up to date on the regulations.

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