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March 1st - Lake Openers

There will be a number of lakes opening March 1st. allowing for some early season fishing opprutunities in the eastern portion of the state. Hopefully, the colder winter weather will go to the way side and the ice will melt from these early season waters allowing anglers to fish. It is a crap shoot every year as will there be ice or will there not.  We just never seem to know! Anyway, dig out your regulations and scan throught them to see what lakes will have those March 1st openers. There are a multitude of them both in Grant, Adams, Spokane and Columbia counties. For the fly and selective gear fishermen Lenore, Lenice and Nunally will provide good fishing for the early seasons.


With these early fisheries less than two weeks from openening it would be a good time to go through you gear and see what you are needing to replace or update. Don't forget to get new monolifiment on your reels if you are a gear guy or replace your fly leaders if you are a fly fisherman.


In the next week I'll make a few calls and see what prospects these early opening lakes might just hold for you. I'll post that information prior to the opening.

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