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Last Day Of Steelheading February 15th, 2016 On North Puget Sound Streams

For those of you that have been chasing steelhead here in our north Puget Sound streams, you have through Monday the 15th of February to fish. After the 15th we will be closed until June. Though most rivers closed at the end of January the terminal hatchery areas of some still remained open to allow anglers to catch the last of the hatchery steelhead still in those areas. From the reports we have been receiving I think most of the hatchery fish have been caught as the fishing has slowed up considerably. After Monday you will have to travel south or west to find some fishing opprotunities.


One stream that should be coming on line shortly will be the Cowlitz. The B run fish should start to show up any time and provide good fishing into April. We have been also getting good reports out of the Grays Harbor streams such as the Humptulips, Satsop and Wynoochee. The OP streams have also been showing some good fishing with some really nice wild fish being caught and released. We have been seeing pictures of fish in the teens through mid twenties for awhile.


Just because you can't fish locally doesn't mean you have to put the rods away you'll just have to travel!

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