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Last Day Of Spot Shrimp For Marine Area 8-1,8-2 & 9 - May 17th

If you are wanting to get a few more spot shrimp for the table the deadline is closing in. Wedmesday May 17th will be the last day to fish spot shrimp in Marine area 8-1, 8-2 & 9. The areas will be open from 7am - 3 pm. The limit is 80 shrimp per license. Four pot limit per boat.

Shrimpers on the last opener overall did well, though many had to work hard. Most did best fishing in the 200' - 270' zone. Make sure to use plenty of bait with plenty of scent.

If you do miss this opener there are areas in the San Juans. Straits and Hood Canal that will have additional fishing days. Consult WDFW online regulations.

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