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Lake Washington & Lake Sammamish Cutthroat

We have been getting good reports of some fine cutthroat fishing occuring on both Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish recently. Customers have been landing fish consistantly in the 14 - 17 inch range with an occasional fish pushing the 20 inch plus mark. The late Fall and Winter months have been traditionally the time to be on the water of these two lakes chasing cutthroat. Most anglers are trolling, covering the water to locate these nomadic fish. Offerings range from gang trolls with wedding rings with worms, needlefish spoons, small plugs to fire cracker sized herring. All of these presentations have been proven successful.

Generally, most folks have taken to fishing downriggers but one can be quite successful fishing lead core line or even fishing heavier leads. At the present time most anglers have been fishing from 10 - 40 feet down. In starting out cover some water, highlighting upon points of land. Once you hit a fish continue to fish the area as you will generall find more.

Make sure to dress warmly and take your rain gear . Winter cutthroat fishing is not for the fair weather fisherman.

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