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Lake Stevens Kokanee Reports

Over the past week we have been getting better kokanee reports coming from Lake Stevens. I would not say that the fishing has been hot by any means but at least the numbers that the regulars are catching have improved. Most of the fish have been caught in the upper 15 feet of the water column, as we would expect at this part of the season. The folks that have been catching them have been doing best on beads and blades behind a small dodger (Such as a Dick Nite Kokanee Dodger or Silver Horde Mini Dodger) If you are not into building up your own gear a Mac's Wedding Ring Spinner with a silver blade and red beads will produce. Bait the hook or hooks with white corn or maggots. Fishing slowly in the range of 1.1 - 1.3 mph has been the key to success.
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