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Lake Stevens Kokanee Report

We have spoke with a number of fishermen today that were on Lake Stevens chasing kokanee this morning and virtually everyone we spoke with had very good fishing. If they did not catch their limits it was their fault as the fish were cooperating very well. Mark Spada one of our tackle reps was on the lake and he managed a couple of limits for him and his partner in short order. Mark said the fish were from the surface down to 40 feet. He said that he did best on blades fished behind a dodger baited with corn. The fish he caught were in the 13 - 14 inch range with a couple up to 16. He mentioned he did get a few fish on pink hoochies but did better on the blades. Jim gave us a shout and said both he and his fishing partner limited also with the same sized fish that Mark had caught. Jim did better fishing hoochies behind a dodger. Sounds as if both blades and hoochies are fishing well, perhaps just the whim of the angler. With fishing this good the Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby should have outstanding participation and some very good results. Tickets are $20.00 for those 15 and older and free for those 14 and under. We will have tickets until 7:00 p.m. Friday.
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