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Lake Stevens Kokanee Fishing Starting To Heat Up

Lake Stevens has finally started putting out some decent numbers of kokanee over the past couple of days. We have had a couple of guys that have chocked up some decent numbers in the past few days. Both found the fish from the surface down to 15 feet. When the fish are this shallow make sure to place your offerings a considerable distance from the boat. I would say 100 feet would be the least amount of drop back I would have. You will find these shallow water early season fish extremely boat shy.


The fish were averaging 11 -12 inches, nothing to brag about but good eaters to say the least.


The one gentleman I spoke with had done well fishing a "God's Tooth" spoon in Chartreuse rigged kokanee style baited with Shoe Peg corn. To rig the spoon for kokanee simply take all the hardware off the lure, take a typical double hooked leader and drop a number 4mil bead or two down the leader and then simply thread the leader through the hole at the pointed end of the spoon (from the upperside) then through the upper hole of the spoon from the underside to the top side and start with about a 14 inch leader behind your favorite attractor. Bait the hooks with your corn and your ready to start fishing.


This is just the start of kokanee season at Lake Stevens and we should see good fishing until Fall.

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