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Lake Stevens Kokanee Fishing Is Just Average Overall

Most of our die hard Lake Stevens kokanee fishisherman have had a hard time consistantly doing well this season. Overall, most have been talking about how inconsistant the lake has been this season. There has been a day here or there when they will limit out, but generally they have been working hard for just a few fish. Most have decided that there just isn't the population of fish in the lake that we have been use to. They have not been seeing good numbers of fish on their sounders anywhere in the lake. Everyone has their own idea as to what the problem is. Perhaps the fry where planted in the lake during a time when there was no food for the little ones and they starved out, which is a very common problem with kokanee. Another thought is that the alum treatment over the past few years has taken its toll. Perhaps it combination of factors! The only thing we do know is that the fishing is not up to our normal standards.


Perhaps this is the year for you to branch out and start fishing some of the other kokanee waters that we have locally. We have been seeing some nice fish coming from Samish as well as Cavanaugh. Perhaps a road trip to Lake Chelan is in the cards. They have been doing extremely well on this east side lake.

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