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Lake Stevens Kokanee Fishing - Friday April 24th

After a really outstanding start to our kokanee fishing on Lake Stevens starting on Thursday of last week and though Monday the fishing dropped off with the weather fronts since then. Though the fishing has been a little tougher it has by no means fallen to nothing. Everyone I have spoke with since the weather chages have come about have had to fish a little harder to get fish. Limits have been caught by a few but most have had to work considerably harder to get fish. The kokanee have been from the surface down to 15 feet or so. Most of the fish have been in the 11 - 13 inch range with a few smaller and an odd one to 14.


Once the weather settles down we should see the fishing come back to some very goos fishing.


Remember to get your Derby tickets for the 6th Annual Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby coming up on May 16th! Tickets are $20.00 for Adults and those 14 or under are "FREE"!

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