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Lake Stevens Kokanee Fishing Continues To Produce Well

The kokanee fishing at Lake Stevesn has continued to produce well recently. Many of our customers have been getting limits of nice fish in the 13 - 15 inch range. The fish are much healthier than last years and are very plump to say the least. Fish have been in the 30 - 60 foot zone, so downriggers are a must for controlled depth fishing. Fish have been coming on a varily of diferent lures. The one consistant thing is that the most productive anglers have been scaling down thei presentations going to smaller size 0 or 1 spinner blades, size.9 Smile Blades from Mac's Lures or small #14 Spin N Glos from Yakima Bait. Most anglers are still baiting with Shoe Peg corn scented with Bloody Tuna Anise or Garlic from Pro Cure. Some days the kokanee seem to want one scent over another - so provide them with some choices and see what they prefer that day.


There seems to be a very good population of fish in the lake this season so we should continue to see good fishing for quite some time. Just have to fish deeper as the water temperatures continue to climb this summer.

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