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Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby - Saturday, May 19th

This is the 9th year of the Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby. This is the most popular of the Kokanee derbies taking place in the state. The derby will take place this Saturday, May 19th. 

Fishing has been fairly good this season with good numbers of folks fishing the lake so far this season. Fish have been averaging in the 10 - 13 inch range this year. With the warmer weather the surface temp. has started to increase and the fish are droping down deeper into the water column. We have been hearing of good catches coming in the 15 - 25 foot range over this past weekend. The fishing has been best from dawn to 8:30 - 9:00 am then generally turning into a scratch fishery during the day, then getting better in the evening. 

We have been selling a lot of God's Tooth Spoons in the past few weeks for this fishery. These spoons are not used as they are packaged, and in fact are rerigged. Take the hook and split ring off of the spoon, then take a typical doubled hooked kokanee leader and thread down a couple of 5mm beads and thread it through the top side hole of the upper end of the spoon (pointy end) and under the lower side of the spoon then out though the hole (D shaped) at the lower end of the lure. Bait the hooks with your nornal corn or maggot offering and fish it 8 -14 inches behind your favorite dodger. 

The Kokanee Derby is just around the corner so stop by and get you tickets.

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