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Lake Stevens Kokanee - April 2, 2016

There have been a fair number of anglers with cabin fever that have been testing the waters of Lake Stevens recently seeing if they can scratch up some early season kokanee. I would not say that the fishing has been red hot but at least there are a few fish being caught the past few weeks. We have spoke with a number of our customers that have caught fish recently with the best catch being nine between two anglers. The fish that we have seen are no trophies by any means but respectable 10 - 11 inch fish. The upper 10 feet of the water column is where they have been found, which is what we expect this time of the year. Typical kokanee gear has been the ticket with a dodger trailing a blade / bead combination with double hooks baited with shoe peg corn marinated with your favorite sauce. Fish slowly from .9 to 1.1 mph. The fish have been a little spread out recently and will school up a little later in the season.


Being a local fishery, this is one that you can do if you have a few hours to spare on a weekend morning with the kids. I am sure they are itching to get out and do something with the nicer weather we have recently had. Many of them will have Spring break from school over the next couple of weeks.


Ted's has a large selection of kokanee gear in stock with more coming in every week. There are quite a few new items to the kokanee scene recently especially the new "Hyper-Vis" Kokanee Dodgers! These really do stand out in a little bit of sun light! Stop by and take a look!

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