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Lake Stevens Kokanee

Though we are getting into the warmer part of oour season we are still getting good reports coming from the kokanee fishermen from Lake Stevens. This past Saturday seemed to be a bit on the slow side from most everyone that we spoke with and even the die hard fishermen had a hard time coming up with a few fish. For whatever reason it was an off day on the lake. Sunday, however was good for a number of fishermen we spoke with. One of our regulars managed limits for him and his partner by 7:00 am. Fish are now starting to drop down in the water column as the summer water temperatures start to increase. The depths in the 30 - 35 -40 foot zones seems to produce the best. We should continue to see some fair fishing at least through the end of the month. Fish have been averaging in the 13 - 14 inch range with a few fish up to 17inches.
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