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Lake Sammamish Trout Fishing

If you are looking for something to do fishing wise you might want to try the cutthroat fishing in Lake Sammamish. Over the past few weeks we have seen outstanding fishing for fish in the 14 - 17 inch range with an occasional fish pushing the 20 In plus range. Most folks have been trolling the top 20 feet with a variety of different presentations. Many are just keeping it simple and trolling a number 2 or 3 sized Luhr Jensen Neddlefish spoon. Some of the more popular clors have been perch, fire tiger, rainbow trout or plain nickle to immitate the perch fry, stickleback or trout/salmon fry that the cutthroat are praying upon. Small plugs such as Tomic Wee Tads or Rapalas have also been providing good results. Then there are the folks that are stcking with gang trolls with a trailing worm or wedding rings tipped witha worm that are also doing well.


This fishery should go on for the next couple of months until the cutts find their way into the streams flowing into the lake where they will spawn.

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