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Lake Lenice Report

Reports from Lake Lenice have been very good since the March 1st opener, with virtually everyone finding good fishing when the weather conditions allowed. With the good reports Stephen and his fishing group were quite up beat for their annual trip to the lake. He found some very good fishing during the time he was there with most of the fish in the 14 - 20 inch range. With the water temperatures considerably warmer than past years, the fish were more active. Stephen and his friends found chironomids were the ticket for success, with smaller 16 - 20 chromie patterns with red or black ribbing accounting for the better results. Leech patterns in olive and black also accounted for good catches. Micro leeches fished under an indicator fished well when the winds picked up. While the majority of fish caught were rainbows, Stephen did manage to land a 22 inch Tiger trout. Surprisingly, only one small brown was landed amongst the group over a four day period. On Thursday the 14th The fish wanted 18 & 20 chironomids at 8 -10 feet deep fished with a slow hand twist retrieve. Friday the 15th was quite windy and the micro leech under an indicator just off the bottom worked well. With the chop on the lake there was no need to incorporate action on your fly. Again chironomids, a bit larger in 16's were alos productive. Saturday the wind was still there but not as bad as the prior day. Fishing 16 & 18 chironomids accounted for 28 of the fish he landed this day. Size 16 chrome with a black or red rib with a white, nickle or black bead head was the go to patterns. Bead color did not seem to matter this day. Fishing the fly under an indicator at 6 to 6 1/2 feet down was ticket this day. Fluorcarbon tippet of 5X or 6x was needed on the small flies to be most productive. Those anglers who were not using Fluorcarbon tippet did not fair so well. If you have any questions come in and talk with me, I'll be glad to walk you through the patterns as well as the rigging that will lead you to a successful trip. Stephen
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