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Lake Chelan Report From 6/15/2015


    What’s hot is trolling for Lake Trout on Chelan.   Also hot is trolling the south end of Omak Lake for Lahontan Cutthroat.  


    Lake Trout fishing on Chelan is still transitioning.  Early mornings have been best up at Colyar Ledge.  The big fish are just beginning to show on the Bar.  Evenings are best in Manson Bay  As always, fish within 3 to 5 feet of the bottom and keep your speed around 1.2 mph.  The Mack’s Lure Bead and Blade combo our guide, Jeff Witkowski has developed has been very productive.  Bait this rig with a chunk of Northern Pikeminnow. 


    On Omak the fish are coming off the spawn and biting like crazy!  This year it appears that the bite rate is somewhat less than the previous couple of years, but drumroll… the average fish is much better.  We have trolled Jeff’s drift rigs (unbaited, to be consistent with the regs), squid rigs and spoons.  Fish have averaged about 20” or so.  Trophy sized Cutts are always a possibility here.  Dan Beardslee caught one over 18 pounds!  Next to Pyramid Lake in Nevada, this may be the best Lahontan Cutthroat Trout lake in the world.  Working speeds of 1.4 to 1.6 mph seemed to work best for our presentations, but vary it a lot to see what works best for you. 


    Your fishing tip of the week is to make small changes to increase your productivity.  I am loathe to change presentations, typically.  With me, the changes are usually location.  Sometimes, small changes in location can greatly increase catch rates.  Sometimes concentrations of fish move just a few hundred feet.  Think about the cover and food requirements for fish and make your adjustments accordingly.  Similarly, a small change in the profile of a lure (ie:  sizing up or down) can make a big difference in bite rate.  Too big a change can have you come up empty or at least unable to tell which variable was important.  


    The kid’s and safety tip of the week is to really pound down the fluids now that hot summer weather has arrived.  Long sunny days can really dehydrate you.  Most nausea, headaches and behavioral issues in the summer can be tied to dehydration.  A bottle of water in light activity and more if you are playing or working hard is a general rule of thumb.  Also, maintain that layer of sunscreen.  Blistering sunburn hurts and is dangerous.


6/14/15 - Chris Connell of Bellingham  with Doug Connell of Manson with their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Lakers.


6/13/15 - Mr. Ta of Seattle with a 16.4 lb Lake Chelan Laker


6/7/15 - A beautiful Omak Lake Cutt just before Jeff put the net under it.  (Photo courtesy of the Fitzgeralds)



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