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Lake Chelan Report For October 14, 2014


    What continues hot is trolling the Barrens and the Trench for Mackinaw on Lake Chelan.    Heating up is fishing Mill Bay and other near shore areas for rainbow trout and big Northern Pikeminnow. 


    We are looking for lakers from 165 to 205 feet deep early in the mornings.  Later in the day, trolling tight to the bottom in depths of 210 to 250 feet works best.  Counter to conventional thought the later morning / mid-day bite has been the strongest.  Fish within 3 to 5 feet of the bottom and keep your speed around 1.2 mph.  Glow in the dark Smile Blades from Mack’s Lure continue to be the go to attractor here on Lake Chelan.  Put those in front of a 3 to 4 inch squid rig, bait them with a piece of Northern Pikeminnow and scent everything with Pautzke’s Krill Juice to keep yourself consistently into the fish. This pattern has held strong for more than a month. 


    Those Rainbow trout are averaging a chunky 15 inches.  They can be caught from shoreline locations with Pautzke’s Firebait in American Wildfire using a 30” leader on a slip sinker rig.  Use the trout entrails on the same slip sinker rigs to catch Pikeminnow up to 4 pounds. 


    Your fishing tip of the week is to build in time at the end of the trip to re-organize for the next trip.  I think that we all scatter stuff around as we switch rigs, change baits or change rod & reel combos.  You compound your beginning of trip frustrations if you start the next trip with everything in disarray.  Take the time when you are putting the boat to bed to throw away the garbage and put your rigs back in their place and re-rig your rod & reels with your #1 set up.  Getting that old bait taken care of is a big deal to prevent it from becoming a science project and requiring you to call a decontamination team prior to taking the boat out again.  It will help make you a better angler.  I know you are tired at the end of a long day on the water… 


    The kid’s tip of the week is to remember they are all different.  I have grandkids that I have to put on the sergeant persona to get their attention.  There are others that would be crushed by that approach.  Sometimes to get the content of the message heard, I avoid direct eye contact and almost whisper the correction in their ear.  The idea is to be effective.  Being a good actor can help.  


    The safety tip of the week is to get that spare set of clothes ready to go with you now that the weather is cooling.  Getting wet in cold weather can be miserable and lead to hypothermia.


Pictured:  10-6-14 -  Sara and Gabe Nesbitt of Moses Lake with their catch of the morning.


Also Pictured:  10-7-14 - Jeff's catch of Pikeminnow after playing water taxi.


Finally Pictured:  10-11-14 - The old man himself with a Kinnakeet pond caught Sheepshead...  Hi from Avon, NC. 



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