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Lake Chelan Report For 9/4/16 From Anton Jones


    Our summer pattern of trolling for Lake Trout on Chelan early in the morning on the Bar with a sprinkling of big fish continues hot even as we approach Labor Day.   Also, hot is trolling the trench later in the mornings.  The good news as I write this is cooler damper weather has entered the area.  Luckily, no fires have threatened the area this summer, so far…  


    On the Bar, look for depths from 118 to 150 feet deep.  That lower hump is still covered with fish during the first hour of light.  Later in the morning it is best to troll in the trench at depths of 215 feet to 250 feet.  As always, fish within 3 to 5 feet of the bottom and keep your speed from 1.1 to 1.4 mph.  Jeff’s drift rig in green has worked quite well off the downriggers in both locations.  Bait these rigs with a chunk of Northern Pikeminnow.  Scent everything with Pautzke’s Krill Juice.  On the Bar, those T4 GPLF Flatfish by Worden Lures continue to be the “go to” big fish lure.  For the trench, I switch the outrigger rods over to Silver Horde’s Kingfisher Lite in Green Splatterback Double Glow in the 3.5 size. 


    The fishing tip of the week is to remember to use set tension releases when deepwater trolling here on Chelan.  Pinch pad style downrigger releases will result in too many false release to be efficient or to have much fun.  We really like the simplicity and reliability of Sam’s Pro Releases by Gold Star / Silver Horde for a great set tension release.  Remember to wrap your line 4 or 5 times on the hard plastic pin, not on the rubber spacer for best results. 


    The kid’s tip of the week is to use the ever shortening block of after school daylight hours to enjoy the fall fishing bounty and the beauty of our area.  A couple of hours on the Lake or dunking bait at Roses or Antilon is always fun.  Although it would mean a drive back in the dark, this is a great time to take them to the Tumwater Canyon of the Upper Wenatchee to watch the spawning Chinook.  A huge push of Fall Chinook are expected up the entire Columbia system.  A hearty after school snack will get them through until a later dinner.  Remember to keep it short.  Minutes for a school age child are like hours to an oldster like me.  Acceptance of that fact is necessary to make it enjoyable for them.  Resistance is futile…   


    The safety tip of the week is to read your local weather report and be aware of incoming weather when fishing Lake Chelan in the fall.  This is the time of transition in the Valley.  When the colder low pressure systems collide with those lovely high pressure ridges that give us our typically beautiful fall weather, violent albeit short lived wind and lightning can result.  If we are expecting one of those patterns, plan your proximity to the launch site accordingly.

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