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Lake Chelan Report For 07 November 2016


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 What’s hot is trolling for Lake Trout near the Yacht Club on Lake Chelan.  Also hot is trolling for Kokanee on Lake Chelan.   On Lake Chelan we have been running up to the Yacht Club to catch our fish.  Worden Lures venerable T4 Purple Glow Flatfish has been productive as well as Jeff’s Drift Rigs made from Mack’s Lures Smile Blades and tapered beads.  Speeds of 1 to 1.2 mph worked best. 

 Also on Lake Chelan, fishing for Kokanee near the Yacht Club has been hot.  Mack’s Lures 00 to 0000 chrome scale dodgers trailed by their mini cha cha Squidders or wedding rings baited with Pautzke’s Fire Corn has gotten these mostly 12 and 13 inch fish to bite. 

 Your fishing tip of the week is to use your electronics to fine tune your presentation to increase your catch rate.  During this reporting period we used our Depthfinder and GPS to have great days for both Mackinaw and Kokanee on Lake Chelan.  For Kokanee, the fish were concentrated in a narrow band in a small area.  Jeff pounded that area by setting the lure depths just above the schools of Kokanee to have a Banner Day.  The Mack’s were concentrated near the bottom moderately spread out, but near similar depths.  Jeff kept on that pattern to stack the Macks. Without the Depthfinder and GPS it would have been a much slower day. 

The kid’s tip of the week is to keep your ear to the ground for the annual fall stocking of Roses Lake.  This usually provides a couple of weeks of great angling before ice up right around the Thanksgiving Holiday.  My grandkids have some nice memories of this.  Maybe yours can get some memories too? 

The safety tip of the week is make sure you are ready for towing in the winter here in Eastern Washington.  A snow brush, a shovel and chains are a good idea.  A can of that deicer spray has come in handy over the years for a variety of things.  

  I will ascend onto my soap box for my report leading into Veteran’s Day to share my thoughts and feelings before moving on in future reports.  I believe the best thing that we can do to honor our war dead is live well and joyously.  However, I think it is occasionally necessary to reflect and appreciate their sacrifices.  My friend, Terry Gilden was killed in the Beirut Embassy bombing of 1983 by Hezbollah militants.  The mission there was to bring the bloody civil war in Lebanon to an end.  In 1993, my friend, Randy Shugart was killed by militants of a Somalian warlord.  The mission there was to clear the way for food supplies to reach hundreds of thousands of starving civilians in rural Somalia.  While critical thinking is necessary and skepticism can be useful, make no mistake.  Flawed as we might be, we are the good guys because men like my friends answered the call and do their best to implement our national will.  George Orwell said it best:  “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”  Just reflect for a moment about the lifestyle we enjoy and give thanks for these men.


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