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Lake Chelan Lakers And Kokanee

Lake Chelan contines to kick out some outstanding catches of kokanee this season, with most everyone we have spoken with doing well on these good eating little landlocked sockeye. Kokanee have been the main player in the fishing game but there has been outstanding numbers of cutthroat caught for those that have been targeting them. The Chinook fishing has been without a doubt the best I think we have ever seen, even in the days of the past when there was even a derby exclusively for them. Most of the Chinook that are landed are byproducts of kokanee fishing. If one would specifically target them I am sure you could do quite well. We have seen Chinook into the middle teens this year. The lake trout continue to play for those that seak them out, though most favor the kokanee on the table over the lakers.





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