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Lake Chelan - Kokanee, Lake Trout & Chinook

What continues hot is trolling near the Yacht Club on Lake Chelan for numbers of Lake Trout. An added bonus was a couple of Chinook being caught. The Kokanee bite has been spotty during this reporting period. This is the time of the year to start fishing for spiny rays on Roses and some nice Rainbow trout on Wapato Lake. On Chelan, Lake Trout bit trolled presentations above the Yacht Club. Worden Lures T4 Flatfish in Purple Glow and Mack’s Cha Cha Squidders as well as Silver Horde’s Kingfisher Lite spoons in Glow Splatterback colors really racked up the Lakers during this reporting period. We hit water that was 260 to 320 feet deep for an incredible bite rate. Most fish are two to four pounds, but this is the area where the new state record was caught in February. As always stay tight to the bottom. Speeds of 1.4 to 1.7 mph were very productive. We did get a couple of Chinook during this reporting period using the same presentations that bagged Lakers. The Kokanee bite has slowed down but some are being caught in the trench, along the face of Mill Bay, up at the Yacht Club and over by the Monument. The surface water temperature has risen above 50 degrees so start looking shallower for these fish. I have received reports that Largemouth Bass and panfish are being caught at Roses Lake. Try Worden Lures Super Roostertails in black for this Bass action. Additionally, some nice Rainbow Trout were caught at Wapato Lake over the traditional lowland lake opener. Trolling Worden’s Roostertails or Mack’s wedding rings will get these fish to bite. Your fishing tip of the week is to keep up with simple thing to avoid disappointment. Check your hooks and sharpen them when needed. Check your leaders for nicks and frays. Especially watch them when you are using downrigger cables around your fishing line. Make sure your fishing rods are firmly seated at the ferrule. Test your knots before you hook that big fish! The kid’s tip of the week is to use a balanced approach in allowing children to resolve their disagreements. Letting a reasonable amount of arguing go to see if they can come up with a solution on their own will pay dividends down the road. When it appears to be escalating, I always interject best 3 out of 5 of rock, paper scissors to get us off the dime. The safety tip of the week is to watch that submerged rock just out and down lake of the Mill Bay launch. I saw yet another guy lose a prop. Anton Jones of Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service 509-687-0709 or
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