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Lake Chelan Fishing Report For 6/16/2014 From Anton Jones


    What’s hot is Omak Lake for Lahontan Cutthroat.  Also hot is the evening bite for Lake Trout along Manson Bay.  What’s perking along is fishing the “Bar” on Lake Chelan in the mornings for Lake Trout.  Also, providing some action is Kokanee fishing in the lower basin of Lake Chelan. 


    Pounding piles of fish in Manson Bay with Silver Horde’s Needlefish Squid rigs fronted with a Mack’s Lure Smile Blade and baited with a piece of Northern Pikeminnow has produced great numbers of fish in the evenings. The “Bar” is continuing to heat up.  Worden Lures T4 flatfish in GPLF has proven to be the “go to” lure for enticing those big fish.  However, again, Silver Horde’s Needlefish squid rigged with a Mack’s Lure Smile Blade has been our most consistent bite producer.    


    We have finally had some success with Chelan’s Kokanee.  Fishing a variety of depths in the lower basin with Mack’s Lure wedding rings and mini squid rigs baited with Pautzke’s Fire Corn have gotten these delicious Landlocked Sockeye to bite.  The bigger 15 inch and larger Kokanee have come in depths over 100 feet. 


    Omak Lake is producing tremendous numbers of Lahontan Cutts using Silver Horde’s Kingfisher Lite spoons in the glow green color.  While some fish are 12 to 14 inches, every trip produces many quality fish.   


    Your fishing tip of the week is to stay focused and active when fishing for Lake Chelan Kokanee this time of the year.  Those fish are at different levels.  Having your gear being run 5 or 10 feet too high or too low can make all the difference.  Try to keep your gear running 3 to 5 feet above the fish.  Our last kokanee trip produced fish from 27 to 138 feet deep.  It was a lot of work generating the strikes. 


    The kid’s tip of the week is a something from my father who passed away in 2001.  No matter what your view on a discussion topic, play the devils’ advocate with those teenagers when they advocate a point of view.  It develops critical thinking skills if done with an underlying gentleness and humor.  This last Father’s Day reminded me of many a fishing trip with my Dad where we discussed politics, religion and other sensitive topics.  He never put me down, but he did show me the flaws in my rationale and to understand there is always more than one side to an issue. 


    Your safety tip of the week is to refocus on the floating debris as the lake fills that last foot or two.   


6/14/14 - Part of the Larry Craig party from Kirkland with one of their 61 Lahontan Cutts that caught and released in their days fishing.


6/14/14 - Dan and Natalia Frumin of Bellevue with son Alex (3) with their evenings catch of Lakers.  Sons Ben (5) and Mateo (7mo) were taking a nap at picture time.


6/15/14 - Chandler Moy (14) and Jeffrey Ding (14) of Mukilteo and Seattle with their mornings mixed bag catch of Kokanee, rainbow, laker and pikeminnow. Christine Ta took them out with us.



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