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Lake Chelan Fishing Report For 5.22.16 From Anton Jones


    What just “keeps on keeping on” is trolling in the early morning above the Yacht Club on Lake Chelan for Mackinaw.  The Lower Lake Kokanee bite has really kicked in too.  Finally, the Cutthroat trout fishing from the shoreline on Lake Chelan is still going strong. 


    On Chelan, fish Colyar Ledge above the Yacht Club for quality Lakers along the 190 to 210 foot bench.  Troll at speeds of 1 to 1.3 mph as close to the bottom as you can without snagging.  Jeff’s Drift Rig with a Mack’s Lures smile blade in Glow and baited with a triangle of Northern Pikeminnow has been the “go to” presentation.  Silver Horde Kingfisher Lite spoons in Chartreuse double glow Splatterback are a great low drag option for the outrigger rods. 


    The Kokanee fishing has been spectacular in the lower basin fishing Mack’s Lures 0000 Double “D” dodgers trailed by a Kokanee Pro Wedding Ring baited with Pautzke’s Fire Corn. 


Fishing from the bank and docks on Lake Chelan for Cutthroat Trout with slip sinker rigs is still smoking hot right now.  Use Pautzke’s Fire Bait in American Wildfire on a 30” leader to get these mostly 11 to 16 inch fish.  They are also easily caught trailing a flatline flatfish as a cheater rod while trolling for Lakers and Kokanee. 


    Your fishing tip of the week is to keep that piece of Pikeminnow shorter than the tip of the trail hook.  You don’t want it to keep a fish from hooking itself on your trailer.  


    The kid’s tip of the week bears repeating.  It is to get them ready for Lake Chelan’s late spring / early summer shore bonanza.  Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pikeminnow are all available in the next month from docks and other public access points on Lake Chelan.  This can provide some fast action for kids with a short attention span.   


    Your safety tip of the week is to strap on your patience for this next week with all the tourists that will be launching and retrieving at Mill Bay.  Be kind and plan on more time at the launch between 10AM and 6PM over the weekend! 

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