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Lake Chelan Fishing Report For 2/27/2017 From Anton Jones


    What’s heating up is trolling the edges of Lake Chelan for Kokanee.  Also continuing hot is trolling the trench on Lake Chelan for Mackinaw.  Finally, fishing through the ice on Roses Lake is hot for rainbow trout. 


    On Chelan, we have located schools of kokanee around the edges of the lower half of the lake.  They are varying in size from 9 to 14 inches.  They are absolute acrobats on light gear and their delicate flesh has unparalleled eating quality.  Work the edges of Lake Chelan from the surface to 200 feet.  Look at your sonar and troll a Mack’s Lures Double D dodger trailed by one of Mack’s Lures orange or pink Mini Cha Cha Squidders baited with some Pautzke’s Fire Corn or shoepeg corn scented with Pro Cure’s Bloody Tuna just above the fish.  Speeds of 1 to 1.5 mph will work best.  Look around on the same contour once you find them. 


    Lake Trout continue to bite trolled presentations in the trench.  This bite, that has been red hot since September has finally dropped back to a more normal 2 fish per hour.  I would expect big fish to show up around Colyar’s ledge now, if our previous year’s experience are any help. Jeff’s Drifts baited with pikeminnow, were the best lure to solidly hook those light biting trench fish.


    Roses Lake is producing rainbow trout through the ice.  Fish with a slip sinker rig and Pautzke’s Firebait in Rainbow. 


    Your fishing tip of the week is to make small subtle shifts to stay on those kokanee.  They are roaming a bit for their food.  I’ve found that sliding along the same depth contour that I originally found them at is better than slipping into deeper or shallower water.  Also, using some of that new Mack’s tape to change things up can reignite a slowing bite. 


    The kid’s tip of the week is a combination of two oldies but goodies from repertoire of managing primary grade school age kids.  Kids from 5 or 6 to 8 or 9 will use misbehavior to get attention illegitimately.  It is hard-wired into them.  Step one is to ignore the behavior for a short bit then catch them doing something on task and praise that behavior.  Step two is to use distraction to get them off the misbehavior.  Step three is to then redirect them back on task.  Unless the misbehavior is dangerous, responding to it reinforces it, even if the response is negative.   


The safety tip of the week is to inspect your lifejackets for rips, tears and other winter wear.  Can’t wait for our first burst of nice weather!






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