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Lake Chelan Area Report From 7/29/15 From Anton Jones Of Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service


    Our mid-summer pattern of trolling for Lake Trout on Chelan early in the morning on the Bar with a sprinkling of big fish continues hot.   Also continuing hot is trolling the face of Manson Bay in the evenings for numbers of Lake Chelan Lakers.  By the way, fishing from the public access near the upper net pens on Rufus Woods Reservoir is also hot. 


    On the Bar, look for depths from 120 to 170 feet deep.  That lower hump is covered with fish during the first hour of light.  Evenings are best in Manson Bay in depths of 120 feet near Wapato Point and up to 270 feet deep in the center of the bay.  The trench has also been productive at times.  As always, fish within 3 to 5 feet of the bottom and keep your speed around 1.2 mph.  Jeff’s drift rig in green has worked quite well.  Similar in profile, the Needlefish squid rig by Silver Horde / Goldstar has also worked.  Bait these rigs with a chunk of Northern Pikeminnow. 


    Up at Rufus Woods Reservoir, a simple slip sinker rig with Pautzke’s Fire Bait in Garlic Green got Donn, Jeff and me our limits in short order at the Net Pen Public Access area.  It is easy to snag so go light on your sinker.  Those fish are not that far out.  It is very easy to catch these mostly 1.5 lb to 3 lb triploids.  I would suggest coming up with a baitless approach if you want to spend more than a half hour getting your 2 fish.  Remember that any trout landed using bait counts towards your limit and 2 fish is the Rufus trout limit.  In our case it was four hours driving for 15 minutes of fishing. 


    Your fishing tip of the week is to be methodical when making changes.  Remember junior high science and keep control of your variables so you can determine which change made the difference!  If you change a bunch of things, you won’t be able to identify the key component to success or generalize what you have learned. 


    The kid’s and safety tip of the week is to deliver consequences after the first failure to comply.  Kids have a way of tuning out adult directions if the adult just continues to repeat the direction or correction.  Repeating yourself is self-defeating and enables mis-behaviors.  It can be important for safety purposes too.  All the grandkids will freeze when I give the stop or freeze order.  Traffic, moving equipment or fish hooks can all present dangers that having a stop on those toddlers will save them from injury. 


Pictured:  7/20/15 - The Bates boys (Michael age 5) of Gig Harbor with their nineteen pound Mack

Pictured: 7/25/15 - Jeff Witkowski of Warsaw, Poland with Anton Jones and Donn Vey of Manson with their Rufus limits.




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