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Icicle River To Open For Spring Chinook On Friday June 5th

Icicle River to open for hatchery spring Chinook

Action: Opens the Icicle River to retention of hatchery spring Chinook.

Effective date: One hour before official sunrise on Friday, June 5 to one hour after official sunset on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Species affected: Chinook salmon.

Locations: Icicle River (Chelan County):

  1. From the closure signs located 800 feet upstream of the mouth of the river to 500 feet downstream from the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Barrier Dam, and;
  2. From the shoreline markers where Cyo Road intersects the Icicle River at the Sleeping Lady Resort to the Icicle Peshastin Irrigation Footbridge (approximately 750 feet upstream from the Snow Lakes trailhead parking area).

Fishery Rules: Daily limit one hatchery Chinook (adult or jack). Minimum size 12".  Mandatory retention of legal Chinook. Release all salmon other than hatchery Chinook.  Night closure is in effect and motorized vessels are not allowed on the Icicle River (Chelan County ordinance 7.20.190 motorboat restrictions). Two-pole endorsement does not apply to this fishery. 

Reason for action: Sufficient returns of Icicle River hatchery spring Chinook are expected to meet broodstock needs at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery and to provide for sport angler harvest.

Additional information: Anglers are reminded to follow state guidelines related to COVID-19 by continuing to recreate in their local communities, traveling only with family or other members of their immediate household, and practicing physical distancing by keeping 6 feet apart.

This fishery will be actively monitored and could potentially close at any time if the non-treaty harvest share is met or if additional hatchery broodstock are needed.

Information contact: Travis Maitland, District 7 fish biologist, 509-665-3337; Chad Jackson, Region 2 Fish Program manager, 509-754-4624.

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