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Ice Fishing Opportunites Are Good On The Eastern Side Of The State

We have been getting some good ice fishing reports for many waters on the eastern side of the state. There are lots of lakes that have been producing good reports or trout, perch, walleye, crappie, bluegill and whitefish though the ice. We have been getting some good reports of trout fishing from Fourth of July, Rock Lake and Hog Canyon Lake in the Spokane area of the state. Perch fishing has been productive on Moses Lake where there is very good ice with most folks saying ther is 10 in +. There have also been a few walleye being caught on Moses. Fish Lake by Lake Wenatchee has been putting out some fair perch and trout fishing. The ice here has not been as good, though OK due to the snow insulating the ice and curtailing better formation. Evergreen Res. has been putting out some fair catches of walleye as well as some panfish.


These are just a few of the lakes that we have been getting reports from recently. There are a mulitude of ice fishing opportunities for those willing to drive to the est side.


Ted;s has a fair selection of ice gear for those of you that are interested. Stop by!

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