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Humpy Death Jigs By Hawken Fishing

With a fantastic 6.2 million pink salmon destined for Puget Sound streams this season it's time to be thinking about getting a little stock pile of humpy gear before the selection starts to dwindle. We have a very good supply of both 1/4 and 3/8 ounce Humpy Death Jigs on hand. Humpy Death Jigs are made with super soft UV skirts, powder painted heads, and rock solid hooks. Countless hours have gone into designing and matching that "Perfect Pink" the humpies cant resist. Fished under floats or twitching - nothing catches fish like the Humpy Death Jig. We also have the Humpy Death Jig Kits, these kits contain 2 Humpy Death Jigs with super soft UV skirts, 2 Beau Mac Beaded Maribou Jigs and 1 Maribou Jig with Flashabou. Stock up early while the selection is still good! Ted's is your Humpy Headquaters for both Fresh and Saltwater gear!
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