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Hoodsport Chum Salmon Fishery

The Hoodsport Chum salmon fishery is going well at the present time with lots of fish being caught. On October 28th WDFW checked 53 anglers with 124 Chums. That's not too bad a percentage! This fishery is a combat fishery taking place at the Hoodsport Hatchery and the amout of beach that one can fish off is fairly scant. If you are looking for a few fish for the smoker, eggs for this seasons upcoming steelhead fishery or to put up for caviar this might just be your chance.


We have been hearing of a few Chum being caught at Whatcom Creek (Bellingham) and at Chico Creek (Bremerton) for those of you that what something a tad closer! Both have been turning out some fish, but not in the numbers that Hoodsport has.

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