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Hoh River And South Fork Of The Hoh River Closeing To Fishing Effective June 6th Through July 31st

Hoh River to close to fishing in June and July


Action: Close the Hoh River and South Fork Hoh River to recreational fishing.

Effective Dates: June 6 through July 31, 2015.

Species affected: All species.

Location: Hoh River and South Fork Hoh River outside of Olympic National Park boundaries.

Reason for action: The Hoh River population of spring/summer chinook has been near or below the floor of the escapement goal of 900 for this stock for the past nine years. This closure will reduce encounters and mortalities of spring chinook that occur while anglers are targeting other fish.

Other information: Though the regulations on the river have required sport anglers to release wild chinook during the summer months for several years, the stock continues to be under-escaped and additional measures are necessary to help recover the stock.

The Hoh Tribe has also proposed a fishing schedule that reduces their impacts on wild spring/summer chinook, and the Olympic National Park is closing taking conservation measures.

Information Contact: Steve Thiesfeld, (360) 249-1201; Mike Gross, (360) 249-1210.


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