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Hatchery Returns On Local Rivers Still Bleak

Here's a rundown on the number of hatchery steelhead that have returned to our local hatcheries as of January 16th. Here it is mid January and we are in big trouble, it is doubtful that we will meet our hatchery needs on our local rivers as the hatchery returns are nearing the end of their run timing.


Kendell Creek (Nooksack River) - 14

Whitehorse (N.F. Stillagumish River) - 20

Tokol Creek (Snoqualimie River) - 47

Wallace River (Skykomish River) - 11

Reiter Ponds (Skykomish River) - 20


This years returns are as bleak as I have ever seen, I am sure that the wild returns to all Washington Rivers will also be well below escapement goals. Very poor ocean conditions are with out a doubt the major culprit, though there are many other factors that have also contributed.

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