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Great New Book! Advanced Techniques For Plug-cut Herring

Advanced Techniques<BR> for Plug-Cut Herring

Advanced Techniques
for Plug-Cut Herring

Author: Phil Pirone

Trolling a plug-cut herring is one of the most effective ways to catch salmon. Be it in the ocean, bay, or large rivers salmon can’t resist the action of a plug-cut herring trolled behind your boat. Phil Pirone describes in detail how to scent, brine/dye, cut and rig your herring. He also described the different sizes and what to look for when purchasing quality herring.

For expert and novice alike this book is an invaluable learning tool.

6 x 9 Inches, 48 Pages, All-Color

Published July 2013

At $9.95 you will find this a great value and will add to your salmon fishing knowledge.

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