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Great Fishing On Columbia River Shad

The main part of the Columbia River shad run has started and we should see good fishing for the next month or so. Saturday we saw around 21,000 go through, 69,000 on Sunday and 53,000 yesterday. This is just the start of the main part of the run and we should see good numbers push through for the next few weeks. The people we have spoke with that were down fishing this past week had nothing but good things to say about the fishery. They said it was just a matter of how many you wanted to catch, with many pushing the 50+ mark in a day of fishing. This fishery generally goes hot and heavy through around the 20th of June, with fishable numbers through June. For those that still haven't had enough of them by then a trip up river to the John Day and extend your season. Most anglers are swinging shad darts in a number of colors but flame/chartreuse, lime green/chartreuse, pink/pearl, flame/pearl, pink/glow and flame/glow are all productive colors. Another hot lure is a "Dick Nite" spoon in the nickel/chartreuse head or chartreuse/pearl color combinations. If you have any questions or need any shad tackle just stop by and we'll be glad to give you a hand. We have "Lots" of shad darts and Dick Nites on hand.
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