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Fishing Report Lake Chelan June 23rd - Anton Jones Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service

What’s getting hot is trolling the Bar for Lake Trout on Lake Chelan. Trolling near the Yacht Club on Lake Chelan for Lake Trout is still good. The upper end of the trench and the face of Manson Bay are also productive at times. Chasing Kokanee on Chelan, while not hot, can result in some very nice fish with the added bonus of a triploid rainbow thrown in. On Chelan, fish the Bar early and late for the shot at a big fish. Worden Lures Purple Glow Flatfish in U20 and T4 pulled at 1.4 to 1.7 mph in depths of 120 to 160 feet work best here. Lake Trout continued to bite trolled presentations above the Yacht Club that were pulled at about 1.3mph very close to the bottom. Mack’s Cha Cha Squidders as well as Silver Horde’s Kingfisher Lite spoons in Glow Splatterback colors continued to catch Lakers during this reporting period. Manson Bay has been productive for Lakers in the late morning and early evening. The upper end of the trench has also produced some pretty good catches in the middle of the morning. People have still been catching a few of those lovely Lake Chelan Kokanee. An added bonus is the odd triploid rainbow of 16 to 20 inches. Troll a Mack’s Double D Dodger with a baited wedding ring just above the fish for this work. Your fishing tip of the week is to plan your progression of locations and stick to your plan. Do not keep grinding away on an area when the fish simply aren’t biting. On Chelan, somewhere between one and one and a half hours without a bite is my limit in any given area. If that happens, I have to change my location or change my presentation. For me, that usually means changing location. The kid’s tip of the week is to not give up on those teenage boys. No matter how remote they seem, or how cynical they appear, it’s an act to cover how unsure they really are of their own competency. Being humiliated is the big fear. I get a much more positive reaction out of them by asking for help rather than telling them what to do. “Hey, help an old man out, please”, rather than “do this or that”. That extra shot of praise doesn’t hurt either. They just act like they don’t care… The safety tip of the week is to remember hydration as we move into the hot times of the year. A bottle of water every hour or so will keep you from getting that nauseous / head achy feeling that we dread on a hot summer day. An electrolyte replacement drink every third bottle is a good idea too. Ah summer… Anton Jones of Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service 509-687-0709 or 6/21/13 - George Cabol of Renton with a 22lb 14oz Laker caught on Lake Chelan. George fished with his son Scott. 6/22/13 - The Haskell party of Mill Creek and other locations with their bachelor party catch
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