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Everett Blackmouth Derby Report From Saturday

Though the weather was quite blustery on Saturday, there was still a number of nice fish caught for the Derby. In my conversation with Woody on Saturday there ware 93 boats that purchased tickets. For the boats that participated there was 27 fish weighed in. Here is the top five. 14.56 Donald Horner 14.36 Troy Moe 12.99 Spencer Worley 9.87 Corey Bartlet 9.73 Josh Neff The top two fish came from Mid Channel Bank and from the same boat. Useless Bay, Green Bank, Onamac Point and Hat Island all turned out good fish. As far as what was the most productive baits, it was everything from soup to nuts with fish being caught on herring, Ace Hi Flies, Tomic plugs, Coho Killers, Kingfisher spoons etc.. Congratulations to all that placed in the derby and thanks to all of you that participated, as the proceeds of the derby go to various kids fishing events.
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