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Eastern Washington Seep Lakes Finally Free Of Ice

If you have been waiting for the ice to come off the seep lakes before taking a trip over the hill, the time has finally arrived. I spoke to one of my customers this AM that fished Monday and Tuesday (March 25th & 26th) and said that for the most part the lakes were free of ice. Some of them still had a little bit left, but there was lots of open water to fish. He did say that the fishing overall wash quite slow, due to the extremely cold water. He did manage to get his limit each day, but put in a good number of hours to due such. He said that most were nice fat fish in the 12 inch range. As the water starts to warm the fishing will improve.


Had another customer that was just in today (March 28th) that had just returned from fishing on Tuesday and Wednesday (26th & 27th) and had good results from both Burke and Quincy Lakes. He said Quincy still had a fair amount of ice on it on Tuesday, but was free of ice on Wednesday. They fished Burke on Tuesday and had easy limits of nice fat 12 inchers still fishing Power Bait. On Wedensday they fished Quincy and half the fish were nice carry overs in the 16 - 17 inch range and the others were the typical 12 inch fat yearling rainbows.

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