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Crabbing Reports

Marine Areas 4 (east of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line),5,6, 8.1, 8-2, 9. 10, 11,12, and 13 all opened for crabbing today July 1st, Crabbing in these areas will be open July 1 - September 2. Thursdays through Mondays only! Remember a 6 1/4 size restriction, males only, hard shelled and a 5 crab limit on Dungeness crabs. Red Rock crab must be 5 inches, either sex and a 6 crab limit. The reports that we had in today were overall not that good, most crabbers had a very hard time finding any numbers of hard shelled legal crab. The folks that did get limits fished very hard and went through a lot of crabs to get them. The reason for this was that the tribes have been fishing very hard prior to the sport opener and we are fishing for the left overs of their tribal fisheries. One word of advice is that if you are not doing well is to move your gear to another area. Even with the tribal fisheries there are going to be areas that are fished lightly or skipped over for one reason or another and these area will be the more productive ones to set your gear. We still have lots of time to fish this summer and many of the soft shelled crab will harden up latter in the summer. Ted's has lots of crab gear in stock, everything you might need from ridged pots, folding traps, crab rings, castable crab traps as well as leaded line, poly line, buoys, snaps, bait containers etc. We will be also more than happy to get you set up and ready to fish.
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